Gloria Lopez Mora – Puro



                         Poudre R-1 School District, Fort Collins, CO 

                         School District 60, Pueblo, CO 

                         Board of Cooperative Services, Summer Migrant Program, Pueblo CO      

                         Pueblo Community College. Pueblo, CO 

                         Department of Defense Schools, US Air Force Base,   

                         Edgrin High School, Misawa, Japan 

Teaching and Counseling: 

                          Grades 1st through 5th, 4/5 combination classroom, Team  

                          Teaching/Bilingual Education 

                          Team Leader  

                          Reading K-5, Summer Migrant Program            

                          High School Counselor 

                          Student Teacher Supervisor 

                          Title 1 Summer Reading Program 

                         Cadre Counselor on Special Assignmenttudents              

                         Spanish 101, Pueblo Community College, Conversational    

                         Spanish to Medical and Criminal Justice Students 

                         Foreign Language in the Elementary Schools                       

                         Title 1 Summer Math, Grades 2nd through 5th,   

                         Collaborative Teaching  

                         Integrated Technology                         

                         Summer Migrant Education, Math/Reading/Language Arts,  

                         Grades 6th through 9th.                          

                         School Counselor in Misawa, Japan  

Translator:       Children’s Hospital, in staff meetings for parents and  medical personnel, Denver, CO       

                         US Department of Defense Schools, in staff meetings for parents and school personnel,   

                         Misawa, Japan