Gloria Lopez Mora – Puro

‎David Ochoa J.D

July 22, 2108

Re: MIS CRISMES 1956, Christmas in La Puente, New Mexico

Dear Colleagues,


My life vocation is as a T.V./film producer which includes the development of Villa Alegre, a children’s bilingual program for PBS. Additionally, I served as a Production Consultant for The Milagro Bean Field War, Executive Producer of The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez, CEO of Buena Vision Cable Company, Executive Producer for Programming for WNBC-TV New York, twice listed as one of the 100 Most Influential Hispanics, nominated for seven Emmys and recipient of two.


Keeping an eye out for potential film and T.V. programming I came across a fresh new story suitable for children, “Mis Crismes 1956, Christmas in La Puente, New Mexico.”


The author, Gloria L. Mora, is a writer, teacher, counselor, and a first-rate storyteller. Mora’s writing reflects her life’s experience in La Puente, New Mexico where she was nurtured by stories shared by parents, grandparents and extended family. “Mis Crismes 1956” is a story of Mora’s Christmas experience in Northern New Mexico at a time when life stood still and language and culture reflected bonds to family, Hispanic melodies and shared wisdom of the community elders. The Christmas customs reflected therein have been celebrated in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado region for centuries yet few outsiders of the area are aware of their existence.


I strongly urge the publication of this unique first American story told with a profound bilingual and bicultural point of view. “Mis Crismes 1956” is ideal for children’s film and T.V. programming. The story includes ample series development in English and Spanish. The content is educational and adaptable for elementary school curriculum.


Gloria L. Mora is to be commended for her storytelling and writing skills. I look forward to supporting this outstanding endeavor.


Sincerely yours,
David Ochoa