Gloria Lopez Mora – Puro

Gloria Mora

Yay! Congratulations on your amazing color illustrations. I am curious to know the medium you used as I have a friend who is looking to illustrate his photos but finding it cost prohibitive.

When sharing the information with my wife, Amy, she wanted to make sure that you contact her as she is the Manager and Supervising Librarian of the new Greenhorn Valley Library Branch in Colorado City / Rye. Today, she is actually installing a Local Interest Collection and would like to include several circulating copies of your book in it. She also would encourage you to contact her (email is best) about scheduling a Book Reading / Signing . . . this way she can make it an officially sponsored Library Program so that it will get the inter-library, website, and newspaper notice promotion! I am looking forward to that. 

Amy Martin
Supervising Librarian & Manager
Greenhorn Valley Library Branch

Thank you for believing in your dream and for allowing me to be a part of this amazing piece of Colorado history. 

To your continued success!

David Anthony Martin

Author of Span (Rhizome Publishing, 2012) and