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‎Gumercindo Salazar

August 1, 2013


“Mis Crismes in New Mexico 1956, Christmas in La Puente, New Mexico,” is a story told by Gloria, a seven-year-old who visits her grandparents’ ranch in La Puente, New Mexico, a small community three miles from Tierra Amarilla. Gloria conveys how her family and her ancestors celebrated Christmas. This story allows those of us who lived in New Mexico during this time period an opportunity to revisit our past, and for those who were not there an opportunity to get a glimpse of the charming New Mexican traditions. Gloria’s grandparents were my next door neighbors. Consequently, Gloria and I shared experiences of the past.


I recall our Christmas experiences were as Gloria describes in Mis Crismes because I lived in La Puente New Mexico from the time I was a child till 1997. I remember her grandparents. They were very close and friendly neighbors. I would visit their house almost daily.


My parents and the older people talked about Los Ojos and how the name was changed to Park View. My friend and classmate, Robert J. Torrez was very instrumental in changing the name back from Park View to what is now Los Ojos. This was accomplished through his diligent research and by interviewing elders from Los Ojos community. Robert J. Torrez was state Historian for New Mexico and also has written several books based on information he researched.


Along with the bilingual text, annotations and glossary, this book provides useful information for instruction of the unique Spanish dialect of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.


Gloria has done a superb job in providing us with memorable events, historical information and great entertainment.


Thank you, Gloria, for an excellent story. I really enjoyed it.


Review by
Gumercindo P. Salazar, Mathematics Instructor
Mathematics Department
Felix Varela High School

From La Puente, New Mexico
Former Math Teacher at Miami Northwestern Senior High, Miami, FL
Former Math Teacher at Rocinante High, Farmington, New Mexico
Former Admin & teacher at Chama Valley Schools, Chama, NM
Former Sheep Rancher at La Puente, New Mexico
Former Math and Science Instructor at Dulce Independent Schools, Dulce, New Mexico
Studied Mathematics at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro, New Mexico
Studied Mathematics and Science at New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, New Mexico

Attended Tierra Amarilla High School, Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico
Graduated from Escalante High School, Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico
Married and lives in Miami, Florida