Gloria Lopez Mora – Puro

Ted Trujillo

Ted Trujillo, originally from Los Ojos

October 8, 2020


Mis Crismes, how many of you are from Northern New Mexico, remember los abuelitos. They came to our houses 9 days before Christmas to talk with the kids.  And after la Misa del Gallo, mid-night mass, a good sleep, and next morning, you were off to visit house after house on the town, house pidiendo “mis crismes”, and you would get a lot of goodies, in your bag to take home, una naranja, manzana, piñón, dulces duros, biscochitos y más. Then you would go home to enjoy a nice lunch with family, and friends. “OH!” the memories.


Some of you may or may not remember Gloria (Lopez) Mora, from La Puente. She attended Tierra Amarilla High School.


This is the time to get to know her, her phone 719 564 7182, and get your book.


I just read the English part, the story will bring back heartwarming childhood memorize for you and a good story to share with you kids. And if you want to remember a lot of the words we used and still do, get this book now.  It is written in colonial Spanish, modern Spanish and English. I am reading it in colonial Spanish now. You will enjoy the story and the illustration.